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Flat Roofing Specialist! Commercial Low-Slope Systems

Flat Roofer Association

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August 29th, 2012 at 11:27 am

Managing Your Company’s Roof


1) Use life-cycle costing to get the most out of the roof.

2) Adapt a pro-active maintenance protocol.

3) Perform quarterly roof inspections and repairs.

4) Track all collateral building damage and incidental expenses associated with the roof.

5) Determine if past collateral damage costs exceed the costs of implementing a roof management program.

Sometimes the collateral damage costs can exceed the costs of implementing a roof management program.

Expenses to track

Damage to buildings interior

Damage to merchandise and equipment

Costs of business interruption

That’s just a few many more exist and should be acknowledged and tracked.


Budget a minimum of five cents per square foot per year for preventive maintenance. This should begin the very first year. Budget a minimum of 30 cent per square foot for more extensive restoration.

Immediate Problems

The following can cause immediate problems for your company’s rooftop. 1) Extreme Weather 2) Equipment Additions 3) Trade Damage 4) Unintended Abuse

Extreme Weather РThis includes any weather that could be considered outside of the norm. Hail, lighting, high winds etc.

2) Equipment Additions – Improperly added equipment on the roof. This is a very common source of roofing related problems.

3) Trade Damage – Problems caused by trades other than your roofing contractor. These can be holes, punctures etc.

4) Unintended Problems – Accidental damage of even vandalism.

The great news is that it costs less to be proactive than reactive.

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