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Flat Roofing Specialist! Commercial Low-Slope Systems

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November 1st, 2011 at 7:44 am

Roof Leaks – It’s Not Always the Roofers Fault

Many Leaks are Caused by Mechanical Rooftop Equipment

Who’s to Blame? Don’t Blame the Roofer

It is estimated that roughly 30% of leaks from commercial buildings originate from HVAC equipment, while only 20% of those leaks are actually roof related.

Mechanical rooftop equipment Photo cited from

Common leak spots for HVAC units

Holes and loose edges on HVAC fresh air intake hoods

Holes and poor weather stripping in HVAC air intake panels.

Loose or missing filter access panels on HVAC units.

Poorly designed filter access covers on HVAC ductwork.

Improperly sealed joints, seams and holes on HVAC ducts

The Roof is a Working Platform

For most construction trade – electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.

And many times the equipment itself is not waterproof. This often leads to roof leaks. Tenants incorrectly assume that all wet ceiling tiles mean roof leaks, but in reality it is often the rooftop equipment. So guess who gets the blame? Of course the roofer is called, while the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical contractors remain unaware of the equipment problems.

Other Common Causes for Commercial Building Leaks

25% – Skylight Louvers

15% – Windows

10% – Concrete Wall Cracks


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  • ex57
    5:46 am on November 3rd, 2011 1

    Great information, thanks for the share!

  • Elise Lowerison
    4:56 pm on November 3rd, 2011 2

    This post about mechanical rooftop equipment causing leaks was of great interest to us, as we’re in the building system inspection industry as well. We especially liked what was said about HVAC systems and their common leak areas. We’d like for you to check out our web site: We offer infrared & ultrasonic testing solutions for electrical systems, building envelopes and commercial roofing systems nationwide. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!