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Flat Roofing Specialist! Commercial Low-Slope Systems

Flat Roofer Association

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Energy Cost Savings


How much money are you losing? You could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Let us find a roof solution that will save your company a great amount of money.

How it works:

We will put together a summary of your Roofing Project: Which will include criteria such as the location, the life expectancy of the roof system, the roof area, and the facility type.

Your project will include a scenario: (Exp. Current Roof System vs. New Roof System).

A detailed weather report will be assembled: Including heating degree days and cooling degree days depending on your location. Historical data will be used to determine key elements that could affect your energy efficiency.

Roof Details
Roof Assembly: The items that is included in the roof assembly structure as a part of the life cycle cost comparison. The R values will be shown for each included component of the assembly. Components in the assembly will be present in the baseline roof as well as the proposed roof.

What is R-Value? R-Value is a measure of apparent thermal conductivity, and thus describes the rate that heat energy is transferred through a material or assembly item, regardless of the heat source.

Higher R Value indicates a higher resistance to heat transfer. R values provided will come from manufacturer specification or provided as scientific constants unless otherwise noted.

Roof Membrane and Insulation:
This will include a section of details of the roof membrane and insulation for the baseline and proposed roof systems being observed in the life cycle cost comparison.

Heating and Cooling Deal: The heating and cooling load is referred to as the cost to heat and cool the facility. This will show the details of the buildings system efficiency, fuel type and associated cost used in the energy load calculation.

Estimated Energy Cost:
The energy model compares the estimated energy cost of two roof systems over the term of analysis.
Fuel cost and inflation, interior temperature, climate, roof surface type and color, and the amount of insulation utilized are included in the energy cost formulas.

EXP. Clients estimated energy costs.

The customer saved over $800,000. It’s really incredible how much energy is wasted, and how much money is thrown away by having an inadequate roofing system.

Most people are aware of the damages and expenses a roof leak can cause, but few people realize just how much money they are losing though energy bills. Your next roofing project may practically pay for its self!

A Life Cycle cost analysis is an important part of the decision process in determining the best alternative in a roofing decision. The energy costs of heating and cooling a structure is often the largest of the “hidden costs” associated with the selection of any roofing system. Typically, when decisions are based on low initial costs, there is a resulting increase in operating costs. Increased energy costs, maintenance costs, and a shorter operating life can result. When decisions are based on increasing the quality of performance of the roof system, significant benefits can be achieved in operating cost reductions.